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The last white-minority government led by F. The presence of residents with politically extreme views hampered early attempts to gain broader acceptance for the community. The town council was established in February Orania elected its own transitional representative council , a temporary form of local government created after the end of apartheid, in On 5 June , Valli Moosa , then Minister of Constitutional Development in the African National Congress ANC government, stated in a parliamentary budget debate that "the ideal of some Afrikaners to develop the North Western Cape as a home for the Afrikaner culture and language within the framework of the Constitution and the Charter of Human Rights is viewed by the government as a legitimate ideal".

In December , the provincial government ordered the dissolution of Orania's town council and its absorption into a new municipality along with neighbouring towns. The Census found residents. A dispute arose in May with a faction of residents who claimed the town was being run like a 'mafia', with a number of lawsuits being filed as part of the dispute. A R5 million shopping centre, the Saamstaan-winkelsentrum, opened in Prior to the local elections , the Thembelihle branch of the Economic Freedom Fighters EFF campaigned on a platform including a pledge to end the autonomous status of Orania, if elected to govern the municipality.

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The area around the town is semi-arid. Orania has three residential areas: Kleingeluk "small happiness" , Grootdorp "big village" and Orania Wes "Orania West". Many houses in Orania are built in the Cape Dutch architectural style. The town's territory originally covered hectares acres , and was expanded through a number of land acquisitions. In August the 2, hectares 5, acres farm Vluytjeskraal was added to Orania. It is used mostly for agriculture, with a smaller built-up area along the river bank.

Farm Vluytjeskraal Noord was bought by a group of Orania residents in It was purchased around A local census carried out in found 1, inhabitants in households — an average of 3. In total, The arrival of Orania residents from various parts of South Africa meant that newcomers brought a relatively large variety of denominations to their new town. The Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk was established in , [] making it the first church to be established in Orania.

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The Dutch Reformed Church in Orania was established in , when it detached from the Hopetown congregation. Although Orania lies within the borders of the Thembelihle municipal area, it is not an administrative part of the Thembelihle Local Municipality. Orania maintains its own municipal administration, while Thembelihle provides no services such as sewerage, roads, rubbish collection to Orania, [] and collects no rates from the town other taxes are paid normally.

The town's existence is permitted by the Constitution of South Africa under a clause that allows for the right to self-determination. Ownership of plots and houses is in the form of shares in the company, [76] according to a framework known as 'share block' under South African law, similar to the strata title or condominium in other countries. A general meeting of shareholders is held every year. Parts of the community are critical of the share block arrangement, as it offers no effective representation to people who rent their house, and thus are not shareholders in the company.

Vluytjeskraal functions like a municipal administration, being funded by rates and delivering services like water, electricity and waste management.

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The Orania Verteenwoordige Raad OVR, Orania Representative Council is an elected institution, tasked with handling Orania's political interests in negotiations on the provincial and national levels. The Representative Council is elected by all residents, including those who own no shares in the company. Orania has its own municipal structure in the form of the Orania Representative Council based on the Local Government Transition Act of , where other municipalities are based on the Municipal Structures Act of This legal framework was laid down in when an agreement between the Cabinet of South Africa , the Northern Cape government and the Orania Representative Council was reached about a provisional status for Orania.

This agreement was confirmed by a ruling of the Northern Cape High Court. Orania residents are eligible to vote in the Thembelihle municipal elections, but few choose to do so. Orania receives no fiscal contributions from either state or provincial government. The Orania Beweging Orania Movement is a local political and cultural organisation that promotes Afrikaner history and culture. Orania has a small clinic, and a government-funded nurse visits twice a month. Since , citizens of Orania have voted in the six national elections. In the South African general elections in , [] , [] and , [] the community voted decisively for the Freedom Front Plus party.

The four votes recorded for the Economic Freedom Fighters party in the election elicited a number of comments from South African media. Town authorities have a strong focus on green practices, including recycling and conservation. The Boshoff family are regarded as the 'political elite' of Orania. The town has neither a police force nor a prison. South Africa has a high crime rate: with 58 murders, rapes, robberies and house burglaries per day. The teacher appeared before the Hopetown Magistrate's Court on a charge of statutory rape. Prospective residents are required to go through an interview process with a committee, which may deny access to people based on criteria such as criminal records.

Being an Afrikaner is the most important criterion for admission. Some people who try to live in Orania leave due to the limited choice of available jobs or the requirement to conform to local social norms. Orania and the Xhosa community of Mnyameni signed a cooperation agreement in December , [] to assist in the development of own institutions and the transfer of knowledge between the communities.

Boshoff rejected an invitation to the funeral of Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche in April , as he saw him as having chosen a path of confrontation and conflict. Since , citizens of Orania have voted in the five national elections. More than businesses are located in Orania as of In Orania people from all levels of society perform their own manual labour. Orania's tourism industry is showing rapid development with the completion of a luxury river spa and boutique hotel complex in In thirteen independent hospitality businesses operated in Orania, [] including a caravan park, self-catering flats, rooms, hotel and guest-houses.

The Orania Chamber of Commerce was established in It registered with the South African Reserve Bank in , and in it had R45 million in savings deposits. During April , Orania launched its own monetary system , called the Ora , based on the idea of discount shopping vouchers. Previously, a permit was required to start new businesses in town, which was only granted if the new business did not compete with existing ones.

Farming is an important part of Orania's economy, the most prominent project being a massive pecan nut plantation, [] [] one of the largest in South Africa. Though deemed one of the most modern dairies in South Africa at the time, [74] the increased cost of imported machinery caused by a decline in value of the rand combined with a rise in the price of corn used to feed cattle led to its liquidation. The construction industry is an important element of the local economy. Orania counts 8 construction companies as of The shortage of affordable housing is a significant problem in Orania.

Cultural institutions include the Orania Kunsteraad met orkes en koor arts council with orchestra and choir and the Orania Kultuurhistoriese museum cultural history museum. It was the house where his widow lived from until her death at the age of 98 years in The Koeksistermonument, erected in , celebrates the women who baked and sold koeksisters to collect money for charity and is one of the town's tourist attractions.

It was moved from Brixton, Gauteng in by a group of Afrikaners concerned by its imminent demolition. Orania has a mascot named Klein Reus small giant , a small boy shown rolling up his sleeves. Like most white South Africans, Orania residents are rugby fans.

The Orania Karnaval formerly Volkstaatskou is the main cultural event in town. Held annually since April , [] it features exhibitions, competitions and concerts from local and national Afrikaner artists, [] with food stalls offering traditional Afrikaner treats.